MacKenzie AllenThere are certain elements necessary for a successful auction of any kind, be it to sell antiques, automobiles, livestock, real estate, etc. However, to conduct a successful FUND RAISER the auctioneer must possess specific qualities crucial to that particular arena.

Many auctioneers will try to confound you with the “mysteries of an auction.”  They will make auctioneering sound arcane and esoteric. The truth, especially as it pertains to fund raising, is that openness, humor, warmth and, above all, “polish” are the keys to success. Your organization might have the most exquisite venue, the most fabulous items for sale and the best “money” people, but if the auctioneer doesn’t create a friendly, fun-filled atmosphere... if he/she doesn’t instill and foster a passion for your cause... if there is no sense of lively, friendly competition... you will “leave money on the table.” And we are there, after all, to raise every dollar we can! I am proud to say we consistently raise more money for our clients than they expected.

We will suggest ways in which you can mitigate what I refer to as the “VIP” effect... when only a handful of guests dominate the bidding. While it is true they are the bread and butter, we want all of your guests to feel as though they are participating. We’ll help you “democratize” your fund raiser. We want all your guests to maintain their interest and connection to the eventt... not only for their enjoyment but, ultimately, for the total success of the function.

For me, the most gratifying moment of the event comes when, after raising a record amount of money for you, the guests make a point of telling you and us what a wonderful time they had! In a very real sense they are actually thanking us, collectively, for taking their money! They’ve had a good time for a good cause! What better result for your fund raising effort?


MacKenzie Allen


• Oldest Auction School in America

• Considered “The Harvard” of Auctioneering

For more than 10 years MacKenzie Allen earned his living as an actor, doing countless TV and radio commercials, soap operas, industrial films, night time TV and film.  This background gives MacKenzie a comfort and facility with audiences not enjoyed by most auctioneers.

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ARTsmart was delighted with auctioneer MacKenzie Allen.  His enthusiasm and engagement with the crowd produced outstanding results.  We will definitely be seeking his talents in the future.

Gloria Zamora
Chair ARTsmart 2017 dinner

“Fall Fiesta is the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute’s biggest fundraiser of the year and Mac was the perfect person for the job!   Professional, funny, and engaging, he kept the crowd bidding and entertained. His willingness to meet prior to the event, provide feedback and attentive communication made planning a breeze. And his event night flexibility made working with him easy, reassuring and fun. Thanks so much for helping to make our event such a success!”

Kierstan Pickens
Director of Development
Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute

You were fabulous! You got us twice as much as we ever made before! My friend asked: ‘Where did you find that guy?!’

Carol Thompson
Auction Chair
The Buckaroo Ball 2013, Santa Fe, NM

You did a great job! I’ve never seen anyone raise so much money in such a short period of time!

George Rivera
Guest of Honor, renowned artist, sculptor and Governor of Pojoaque Pueblo.
The Buckaroo Ball 2013, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you for the absolutely tremendous job you did for the Santa Fe Rotary Foundation Annual Auction on September 15th at the El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe! With your expert help the Foundation was able to raise $50,000 with the art auction to fund local non-profits.

We also thank you for taking over as Master of Ceremonies on such late notice!  I received numerous compliments on your professionalism, courtesy and warm personality from our guests and board members alike.

Best Regards,
Brian McPartlon
Santa Fe Rotary Foundation

Thank you Mac (and Jesse) for your outstanding services at our annual May fundraising auction luncheon. The auction was lively and implementing some of your great ideas surely enhanced the outcome. Engaged bidders, lot’s of laughter and outstanding results are your calling card! We are looking forward to having you again next year.

Susan Hemmerle
Program Manager
The Horse Shelter Auction Committee

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